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Construction Downtown Seymour

Seymour First Selectman Kurt Miller answered questions Monday regarding a 5-story apartment building under construction in the town’s business district.

At least one business owner — Kim Dulka of The All-American Valley General Store — is opposed to the project, which was approved by the town’s planning and zoning officials in 2009.

The two talked about the project during “Valley Navel Gazing,” our weekly talk show.

The complete audio is posted below

Dulka said the project isn’t a good fit for Seymour because it takes away valuable parking spaces and, in the long run, will hurt Seymour’s downtown.

Dulka asked Miller to hold a public forum to discuss the project and the process by which it was approved.

Miller declined, but told Dulka to reach out to the town’s planning commission for the history of its approvals.

Dulka asked again for a meeting, with Miller saying she would have to set up a meeting with the town’s planning and zoning commission. Miller said he could reach out to the commission’s chairman, but Selectmen have “no say” over the project.

Here is a rundown of the show:

First six minutes: Reaction to Donald Trump’s performance in the GOP debate over the weekend.

7-minute-mark: A review of the most-read stories from

10 minutes, 30 seconds: A review of the construction issue affecting downtown Seymour.

13 minutes: Miller gives his take on the construction issue.

22 minutes, 33 seconds: This week in history, including the time Derby Neck Library boycotted Jack London.

26 minutes, 38 seconds: Miller gives a summary (so far) of the Seymour budget.

32 minutes, 2 seconds: Miller talks about economic development.

34 minutes, 55 seconds: Dulka calls in to talk about her concerns over doing business downtown. The discussion continues until the end of the show.

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